Seven billion candles

There are seven billion individuals – all of us groping in the dark, trying to find our way. Often we stumble across those who say that they know the path, that they have the answers. Some of them shout a little louder than others, and urge us to follow their way. Some we follow, others we do not. But one soon finds it clear that the shouters have no better idea where they are going than we. So we leave them, perhaps disheartened.

Every once in a while we come across a being, perhaps in passing, or in a book of old, that leaves an impression. They need not broadcast that they know their way, because it is clear that they know where they are going. They hold a candle, and it burns. It burns with intensity. By their very being they light up the world around them. They are not interested that you should follow them and they make no demands. But when asked, those who shine brightly would love nothing more than for you to see your own candle, to raise it and add to the growing vision.

When the light-bearers have passed, it is not the path that they walked that we remember. We remember discovering the candle that we, too, have always carried with us. That we may cast a light ourselves.

May we all find the flame that burns within and shine upon the world without.

With love and light.

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