Step Into My Story

Welcome! This podcast explores the stories that make us who we are. Each episode, we’ll touch on the narratives, myths and paradigms that shape how we think of ourselves, each other and the world around us.

A space to connect, reflect and transform. Once you see the stories, things are never quite the same again. Enjoy!

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#01 A story about stories

August 2020

In this episode – the very first in the series – I wanted to place storytelling at the heart of who we are, as human beings. To do that, I tell an origins story (they say that any revolution in thought begins with a retelling of history). This version of history is more of a scientific one: it starts with the big bang. What is curious is that all of our origins stories – scientific, religious – begin with a miraculous leap from nothing to something… After exploring the centrality of stories to our species, I explain how these stories show up in our lives, both individually and collectively. I end by sharing the thought process behind creating the podcast. Enjoy!

Theme Music

June 2020

While the first episode is in production, I am excited to share our beautiful theme music – composed by Philip-Jan van Zyl.


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