Who we are

My name is Jurie Jean van de Vyver and I, like you, was born of this earth. I have travelled far. My first steps were in the open spaces of Southern Africa, where the light dances across the tawny browns, fiery yellows, thirst-quenching greens and sapphire blues of the untamed wilderness. The more I see of our times, the more I share the belief that “the great gift still has to come from Africa – giving the world a more human face.”

The lands pulse; the waters remember; the trees whisper; nature speaks. There are winds of change sweeping across the planet – our species will not continue as it has. We will transform ourselves, or we will be undone. It is time for us to wake up:

  • to wake up from the dreams of the past into the depths of the present;
  • to wake up from our seeming disconnection with ourselves, each other and the natural world;
  • to wake up to our responsibility to choose and to choose well.

This awakening is a path that follows the breath – into the centre of our being, and out to the reaches of the horizon. It is a journey through unfathomable darkness and unshakable light. It is the only way to come closer to reality, and to glimpse just what it is that you form a part of.

I think of this path – one that dances between opposites – as a spiritual one (from the latin spirare “to breathe”). What could be simpler, or more vital?

This project explores the opposites in search of practical truths. It began in 2020, and is growing into a small team of kindred spirits. Our goal is to create the content we wish we had access to when we set out on our human lives. We trust that sharing our work will help others connect more deeply with their earthly journeys.

Do let us know what you take with you.

We would love to hear from you

Please contact us with ideas, feedback or love through one of the channels below, or drop us a note using the form.

Special thanks

Several of the photographs used in this work were taken by Lance van de Vyver – a cousin and an incredibly skilled wildlife photographer and guide.

Explore his website here for beautiful photographs, here for wildlife photography tips and mentoring, and here for the photographic safari company that he works with.

A huge thanks to Chloë Swingewood for the Step into my Story logo, PDF article layouts, and design tips and tricks over the years.

Explore her website here for both design and retouching.


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