Jurie Jean van de Vyver

Jurie Jean van de Vyver

Put to ash

The water swirls, bubbles, swims in the stream below my feet. The sound of the water piercing the quiet of the night, with only the stars to bare witness to my silhouette as I stand on the bridge above my flowing companion. I hold the page before my eyes in an outstretched hand, its form …

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The silent child

The child sits outside watching through the window of the house that he built without her permission. Patient, quiet, devastated that he forgot that she wanted a red roof and wooden floors and a fireplace to tell stories. She waits for him in moments when his heart cries to listen, and he finds that he …

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The wind flicked through her auburn hair as she wandered steadily through the field, hands outstretched to greet the swaying grass. The sun beamed down at her lazily from its perch. The coolness of the breeze on her arms spread word of the coming season. The leaves danced – orange, gold, yellow and a tried …

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The cave

Plato stirred suddenly. How peculiar, he thought. He listened intently, trying to decipher whether he had simply imagined the sound. There it was again. It sounds, he thought, like the song of a bird… But this was not the song he was accustomed to. It was different somehow – crisper; more resonant. It carried through …

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An idea

What is an idea? An idea is what separates us from other animals. Our ability to perceive ourselves in a moment other than the present one, to evaluate the consequences of different courses of action, to act upon them and herewith the comprehension of choice. Our thoughts, our ideas, give us our autonomy and our …

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