Put to ash

The water swirls, bubbles, swims in the stream below my feet. The sound of the water piercing the quiet of the night,...

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It begins with a model

What’s the most important thing that you didn’t learn at school? It’s 2017 – the first signs of spring are starting to...

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The silent child

The child sits outside watching through the window of the house that he built without her permission. Patient, quiet, devastated that he...

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That glimmer

I caught a ray of light that shone upon the place we stood. We glimpsed the skies beyond the grey clouds, the...

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The wind flicked through her auburn hair as she wandered steadily through the field, hands outstretched to greet the swaying grass. The...

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Seven billion candles

There are seven billion individuals – all of us groping in the dark, trying to find our way. Often we stumble across...

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